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As parents we understand that you will want the very best for your childrens oral health. We offer free exams for children in full time education and 20% off any treatment if necessary if parents/carers are regular patients of the practice.

We do find that if children come and visit us every 6 months we rarely have to provide treatment as we can give you lots of information and advice to make sure their teeth remain free of decay and gum disease giving them the best start that perhaps as parents you never had.

Here is some useful information

Babies start teething at about 6 months and continue to do so until all 20 'milk teeth' are present at about 2 years. 'Second teeth' usually develop between 6 and 14 years.

To reduce teething pains, apply 'teething gel' by gently massaging it on to the baby's gums. Teething rings that can be cooled in the fridge are also very helpful. In extreme cases, the baby may require a mild painkiller such as Calpol, but check with your dentist first.

DON'T dip your baby's dummy or teething ring into fruit syrups or fruit juices, or give anything containing sugars before bedtime. These can expose your baby's teeth to harmful acids, which can attack the newly formed teeth and cause decay.

Thumb sucking or dummy sucking can affect a baby's teeth, and if this happens continuously over a number of years, the tooth alignment can be affected. Try and encourage your child to stop this habit before they reach their sixth birthday.

We encourage all parents to bring their babies/toddlers along with them to the adult's check up appointment. This gets them used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice.

Try to establish a healthy diet for your children from a young age. Limit sugary food and drink to mealtimes and aim to avoid anything that contains sugar in between meals.

Eat and drink everything in moderation; that includes fizzy drinks and fruit since both these things can cause erosion of the tooth enamel due to their high acid content.

Good oral hygiene will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Children should brush their teeth twice a day with a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Ask your dentist about the best way to clean your child's teeth, and make sure you supervise brushing up to the age of seven.

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White Fillings

These can be great alternatives to "silver" or amalgam fillings and the extensive range of shades will match your own teeth completely, making them almost impossible to detect by the untrained eye once they are placed.

They work wonderfully on chipped front teeth as well as damaged back teeth. The material bonds to the natural tooth and can be moulded to the correct shape before setting with a high intensity light.

They are more expensive than amalgam fillings due to the overall cost of the materials used and the time taken to achieve the desired end result.

Amalgam "Silver" Fillings

Occasionally, a tooth may not be suitable for a white filling and if a crown or inlay is not within your budget we can still offer a traditional amalgam filling. These are strong, reliable and cost less. Obviously they are not as aesthetically pleasing as white fillings and we will try and make sure that you are offered a choice if possible.

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Crowns and Bridges

These treatments involve the skills of a Dental Technician who works in a Dental Laboratory off the premises using a combination of metals and ceramics. Here at Spring Shaw we use talented and artistic individuals, who have pride in their work and are very reliable.


These treatments involve the skills of a Dental Technician who works in a Dental Laboratory off the premises using a combination of metals and ceramics.

Here at Spring Shaw we use talented and artistic individuals, who have pride in their work and are very reliable.


Bridges are used to fill a gap where a tooth is missing and when an implant is either clinically or financially inappropriate.

It usually makes use of the teeth at either end of the gap as an anchor and a false tooth is then attached to the bridge to fill in the gap.

There are different types of bridges available depending on the location and the oral health of the patient.

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These are exactly as the name implies: thin strong, tooth coloured ceramic laminates that sit on the front surface of the teeth.

They are most commonly used on the front teeth if they become damaged, discoloured or unsightly and they can transform a person's smile without the need to remove a large amount healthy tooth enamel.

Our dentist will skim a thin layer of enamel from the tooth with a fine, sandpaper like rotary instrument. He then takes an impression and our technician will make the veneer from this; it is then placed on the tooth with a tough glue.

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Denture Services

Even in these days of implant dentistry, there may come a time when a denture is the best way to replace missing teeth. Fortunately with modern techniques and materials this could be a very positive experience rather than something that is viewed as an uncomfortable and restricting device.

Again we can offer different solutions depending on your needs and budget. Ask us about the new FlexiDentures which are a wonderful alternative to the thick plastic partial dentures of a decade ago.

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Tooth Whitening

We offer a method of tooth whitening called 'Home Whitening' where an impression is taken of the teeth and a flexible appliance (similar to a mouth guard) constructed which is a snug, custom fit.

A kit of gel is then supplied by us from a reputable source which is approved by our Professional Association. We demonstrate how to use it safely and it is taken away to use in the privacy of your own home, preferably overnight for a few weeks (depending on how white you want your teeth to be).

We have found from past experience that this gives the best and the most long-lasting results.

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What is endodontics?

Well, most people have heard of 'root-fillings' or 'root canal therapy', even if it's only on TV or at the movies where Hollywood seems to insist that it's always an uncomfortable procedure! It doesn't have to be...with modern day anaesthetics it can be as easy as having a filling done. It just takes a little longer to do as it is a much more complex procedure.

As most people are aware, inside every tooth is a nerve. If decay reaches this 'inner chamber' or if a tooth fractures for any reason, the nerve can die and become infected. This can lead to the formation of a painful abscess in the surrounding tissues. Root canal treatment is simply the cleaning of these tiny hollow canals and chambers to remove infected material before sealing them with a special antiseptic filling material.

How long does it take?

Well, the answer is that it depends on which tooth is involved. Front teeth only have one or two canals, whereas back teeth often have three or four. That's why prices vary in our Price List.

What happens after a tooth is root treated?

A tooth without a nerve becomes more prone to fracture under stress and back teeth especially tend to require protection to prevent them cracking. The biting surface can be covered with an onlay or crown to help prevent this.

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Fissure Sealants

Fissures in teeth are the natural nooks and crevices that are usually deepest in the molar teeth (or back teeth). Food debris can get lodged in these fissures and normal brushing often does not remove this debris leading to bacteria multiplying quickly and possibly causing decay.

The formation of these fissures is often hereditary in their structure and some children will not benefit from sealing them up especially if they are quite shallow.

Fissure sealants are white fluoride enriched plastic coatings that are painted onto the biting surface of these vulnerable back teeth. They reduce the crevices making it more difficult for food to become trapped and the fluoride helps strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

It is an easy treatment for children to undergo as it is usually non invasive and just requires sitting still with their mouth open for a short while. The sealants are set with a bright light.

The effectiveness of a fissure sealant depends on the oral care and diet of the child. On average, a fissure-sealed tooth should be renewed every four years and checked at least twice a year.

Our dentist will advise you if your child would benefit from fissure sealants but please feel free to ask if you are interested in this treatment.

Please refer to our prices quide for prices.

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Sealants How much will it cost me?

Spring Shaw Facial Aesthetics

Since setting up Spring Shaw Dental, Westerham in September 2014, Chris and Jan Pottle have been keen to offer something a little special to our clients which we know, from previous experience, is in great demand. We are talking here about Facial Aesthetics using the tried ­and­ tested non­surgical method of Injectable Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (often known to the public as ‘Botox treatment’ although ’BotoxTM’ is actually a trade name for a substance called Botulinum Toxin. As neither of these terms can be used generally to advertise this service, we will continue to use the term ‘Anti-Wrinkle Treatment’). Chris Pottle has undergone extensive training in this procedure and, in response to several requests from our clients, is now in a position to open up our treatment rooms to allow those who are interested in ‘holding back the years’ to avail themselves of this invaluable treatment.

Just browse through the section below to see our prices and if you are interested please don’t hesitate to call us on 01959 565415 for more information.

Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Prices
  • 1 area - £250
  • 2 areas - £275
  • 3 areas - £350
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Injectable Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancement/augmentation - £295

Smokers lines - £295

Nose to mouth lines (also called nasio-labial folds) - £295

Marionette lines (those running down from the corners of the mouth) - £175

Naso-Labial and Marionette lines combined - £395

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What does Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment do?

Our safe Anti-Wrinkle Treatment reversibly weakens the muscle which form dynamic wrinkles - these are the lines created when you use facial expressions. The effects of our Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Spring Shaw Dental usually last for 3-6 months leaving your skin smooth, radiant and with fewer wrinkles.



Spring Shaw Facial Aesthetics part of Spring Shaw Dental, Westerham

On which areas can I have Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

The main types of wrinkles which can be treated with Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment are

  1. Your Frown Lines - Vertical Lines created between your eyebrows when you frown.
  2. Forehead wrinkles - Lines created when you lift your eyebrows in surprise for instance.
  3. Crow's feet (smile lines) - The lines formed at the outside corner of your eyes when your cheek muscles rise up when you smile.
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The Main Benefits to you of Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Spring Shaw Dental
  1. It's a safe, fast, convenient and virtually painless alternative to costly cosmetic surgery.
  2. The effects last for several months.
  3. Apart from a few minor injections (no worse than a few insect bites) it is completely non-surgical – meaning that you will get the benefits of visiting a ‘plastic surgeon’ without having the actual surgery.
  4. It effectively holds back the appearance of ageing almost immediately (it can take up to a week to reach the optimum appearance): If you have ever looked in the mirror and wished you could smooth out a few wrinkles, this could be perfect for you. Anti­-Wrinkle Treatment relaxes the facial muscles giving you smoother skin and reduced wrinkles helping you to look up to 10 years younger.
  5. Eyebrow Lift – For the Ladies, a beautiful face and sexy eyebrows go hand in hand. As you age, your eyebrows will lose their natural arch and this, in turn can cause a ‘baggy’ look around the eyes, leading to increased wrinkles. A little Anti­- Wrinkle Treatment can lift this area and regenerate puffy eyes leaving you looking younger and less tired. For our Male clients a reduction in the ‘worry lines’ using this eyebrow lift can keep away that haggard, aged look which most men want to avoid.
  6. Free consultations for Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Spring Shaw Dental available at a time that suits you.
  7. All treatments are carried out by the Principal here at Spring Shaw: Chris Pottle – a fully qualified Dental Surgeon who is fully trained in all aspects of Anti­-Wrinkle Treatment and Dermal Fillers.
  8. All prices include a free consultation and 2 week post treatment review where minor enhancements and adjustments can be made free of charge where required.
  9. We have a private car park available at the rear of our practice for your convenience.

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