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Prices at Spring Shaw Dental

This is a simple guide of treatment costs, but it is common for us to give you a personal quote based on your individual needs. There are often a number of options we can give in your written Treatment Plan, and these will vary in cost accordingly.

Why not spread the cost of your dental care with one of our Payment Plans?

Plans start from £12.91 per month and cover a wide range of treatments. Ask at reception or contact us for more details.

Diagnosis Cost
New Patient Consultation incl all xrays £75
Routine Examination £48
New Patients in Pain (Emergency)- depending on treatment. £120 - £170
Child Examination - up to 18 years old and in full time education (Only FREE if Parent/ Guardian is an active patient) FREE
X-rays - Usually 2 taken every 2 years (price per x-ray) £12
Xrays and/or Scaling &Polishing on check-up visit £27 - £35
Prevention Cost
Hygienist Appointment (30min) £65
Fillings Cost
Silver fillings (Amalgam) £70 - £270
Tooth-Coloured (Composite) Fillings £70 - £270
Full Resin Crown using Composite (alternative option to ceramic) £310 - £405
Root Canal Treatment Cost
Side Tooth £310 - £550
Front Tooth £310 - £550
Back Tooth £550 - £750
Extractions Cost
Dependent on tooth £137 - £270
Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, and Bridges Cost
Ceramic Crowns and Inlays £550 - £670
Ceramic Bridge (per tooth 'Unit') £550 - £650
Ceramic Veneers £550 - £570
Tooth Whitening Cost
Home Whitening £390
Dentures/ Dental Appliances Cost
Bite Guard for Grinding Problems £150 - £240
High Quality Custom-Built Sport Gum Shields (Many vibrant colours) £160 - £200
Denture Deluxe (flexible or chrome based with High Impact Teeth) £1100 - £1560
Denture Standard (acrylic with standard teeth) £950 - £1240
Snoring Solution appliance £395 - £695